At iB&X we consider improving HSE processes an opportunity to deliver a solid contribution to both sustainability and operational challenges. Learn more about our solutions & methodology.

Customer cases

Learn how our customers handle the challenges they encounter in combining large scale production with high safety standards.




Over the past decades the chemical industry has faced reorganisations, competition from new regions, cost reductions and increasingly strict safety regulations. And also a transformation has been going on from within, towards innovation and sustainable production. In a growing number of regions, worker safety is becoming a key priority and visionary organizations are thriving for Zero incidents in the industry. To ensure the safety of people and environment, it is important to control the risks evolving from your production processes. Optimizing key HSE processes greatly contributes to controlling and mitigating these risks.



Over the past decade governmental and regulatory changes, and changes in consumer buying habits have been a constant factor. How to feed the world population for the years to come and how to produce in the most sustainable way are focus points. A parallel trend is the increasing attention for safety of the people in production, in the field as well as in plants.


Bio & Pharma

The future of bio & pharma is looking bright as the key to many global issues lies in their hands. Major scientific, technological and socioeconomic changes predict growth in the next decade. The bio & pharma industry is currently working on efficiency and productivity. Bio and pharmaceutical manufacturers are looking at ways to reduce costs, to improve technology and processes and closely look at process safety.



Over the past decade utility industry has dealt with a wide range of challenges: a change in power demand, regulatory changes, and new environmental and market policy measures. In this turbulence optimizing efficiency in production is key. But at the same time the safety standards set need to be met to avoid harm being done to people and environment.


Re-energy, Recycle & Waste

The worldwide evolution toward recycling and re-energy has made significant progress during the past decades. Together with this come changing regulations, production methods and internal processes. For many this is seen as an opportunity to capture economic and social benefits, reduce cost, and minimize risk.


Complex Facility Management

High technology facilities require a lot of focus on operational processes. In cases where human lives are at stake or in facilities where production under extreme conditions is required, no mistakes are allowed. Overview is crucial and people need to be supported in all their actions in order to prevent mistakes.



Together with our safety ambitious customers, iB&X has proven that lean manufacturing and HSE optimization go hand in hand: Have a look at who’s working with us.

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