Safety domains

Independent of your role in your organization, you feel it as your obligation to make sure every colleague, contractor and visitor leaves the plant at the end of the day as healthy as they came in. Focus on specific domains is needed to create and maintain these safe conditions and achieve operational safety excellence.

Life Saving Rules

Life-saving rules or Golden Rules programs cover the most critical safety hazards that have caused loss of life in past activities. These are an indicator of high-risk activity that people are involved in.

Continuous Improvement

The implementation of a new process and supporting software should lead to measurable results. In both safety and operational performance. But not only right after the project has been concluded.

Standardization & harmonization
Global Rollout

Creating a standard for HSE processes and rolling it out across your organization is a compelling task. Circumstances vary on sites and within business units.

Integrating risk into daily operation
Operational Risk Management

To ensure safety, you must control the risks. Risk management is essential in maintaining your ‘license to operate’.  How do you make ERM/ORM part of daily operations? 

Contractor Management

Contractors are a part of your team with regard to safety. If the collaboration with contractors runs smoothly, high safety and efficiency performance is possible.

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