About iB&X HSE

Enabling optimal operational performance within a best in class safety environment is our everyday goal. iB&X has proven time and time again that lean manufacturing and HSE optimization go hand in hand: improved HSE performance will streamline operations, save lives, minimize environmental damage and make you money.

For 20 years we have been working as an HSE process expert for the (petro)chemical and process industry. Our focus lies on creating continuous, measurable improvements via the five key HSE processes:

The strong combination of our best practices, implementation methodUnite software, diagnostics and HSE Community enable your people to continuously improve safety and operational performance and comply with your Life Saving Rules or Cardinal Rules. Leading performance indicators (KPIs), smart analytics and benchmarks support high risk organisations to move forward towards their HSE and sustainability goals and at the same time improve operational results.

More than 30.000 industry workers worldwide are using our best practices combined with our Unite software on a daily basis.

Among our customers you will find corporates leading the Dow Jones Sustainability and Fortune 500 lists: companies that combine strong focus on excellent operational performance with the ambition to become topranking in safety performance. We are partnering with these organizations tolearn our lessons from diversity and continuously work on improving the best practices and our software. A collaboration that enables the industry to continuously take new steps towards zero.