HSE partner in accelerating safety and profitability

Responsible companies in the industry worldwide have been working on safe working conditions for many years. But continuously improving in safety is hard, especially when it is about the last few percent. A partner with the right knowledge and expertise could make a difference here. That is where we, iB&X, come in.

Reducing incidents in plants is our first goal. But our ambitions reach higher. We believe that an entire industry with zero incidents is achievable and day in and out we are working with people on every level to reach this goal. Our philosophy of continuous improvement in HSE makes us feel strongly responsible for creating safe, healthy and efficient workplaces which benefit not only workers, but the environment and society as a whole.

Although every life is worth the cost, the profitability of investments in HSE can be called into question. At iB&X we have successfully shown measurable results in both safety and efficiency, proving that lean manufacturing, HSE optimization and making money can go hand in hand.

Manufacturing is characterized by complex high risk processes and human interaction, which easily trigger work incidents. Therefore, iB&X simplifies key HSE processes with solutions that enable smart decision making. Thanks to our co-creation approach and our unique combination of expertise in HSE processes, impactful implementation and smart software, we accelerate organizations in running a safe and profitable business. We guarantee measurable quality improvements and cost reductions over time. That is what we have been doing for more than 20 years and what we intend to do for life.