Are you the i, the B and the X? At iB&X we know that companies in the process industry can function on a much higher level than they do now. And with a higher level we mean safer, cleaner, more profitable and with more opportunities and fun for the people who work there. With an enthusiastic, intelligent and experienced team, we work on creating continuous improvement every day.

The results of plants and the people we work with get to a significantly higher level. A level reached by our integrated approach of work processes, behavior and supporting software. A level that can be reached by every organization, from shop floor to corporate management.

Our approach characterizes as personal and smart, with a great sense of responsibility.

If you consider yourself to be of value to us, please feel free to send your motivation and CV.

Corporate Account Manager

Are you passionate about a career in sales and at the same time desires to contribute to a better planet. This position focusses on new business development.

Implementation Consultant

The responsibility of an IB&X implementation consultant is to increase the HSE & business performance of a client.

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