Over 20 years of implementing best practice HSE procedures & supporting software in the industry have brought us many insights. Our viewpoints on the various aspects of safety and operational excellence will be of help in your journey towards Zero incidents.

How healthy is your safety approach?

Question your safety approach and identify barriers of working safely.

Leading safety by actions, not intentions

Do your leaders act in ways that encourage initiatives and actions, that support the pursuit of your safety ambitions?

Making ‘Speaking up’ a value

Speaking up is a sign of a mature culture. It can be supported by setting up the right circumstances.

Safety and efficiency – a match made in heaven?

Are your safety processes implemented as intended? How do you monitor this and how do you make people care?

Safety performance – leading the way

The right metrics help monitoring the safety performance and detecting areas of improvement.

How standardization creates responsibility

Standardization helps as circumstances vary on sites and within business units.

Supporting HSE in ERP… is that an option?

Are you able to guarantee the best possible quality in every area?

Life Saving Rules: a step or a growing process towards Zero Incidents?

How to integrate and share findings and experiences with Life Saving Rules in your organization.


Building up willpower and using it in a smart way can benefit the safety performance.

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