The iB&X way

Together with other safety ambitious organizations we want to create an incident and pollution free industry. And this is how we do it the iB&X way.

Personal, smart & responsible

The people at iB&X can be characterized as personal, smart and responsible. We like to have a personal connection with the people we work with, understand their daily challenges and their future goals. Together with them we feel the responsibility of seeing everybody go home safely after each working day. This calls for smart solutions and smart decisions.

Best practice, standards & control

A best practice is a proven method to do something. We use our 20+ years of experience and ongoing projects to keep improving the best practice for the key HSE processes. We experienced that by standardizing these processes, they can be controlled and compared, leading to continuous improvement.

Connecting & collaborating 

Over the years we developed a partnership with key players in the industry. This means that we collaborate where ever we can, to work on our mutual goal of Zero incidents. In our online HSE community, we connect people in the industry by sharing ideas, experiences and successes on how to further improve.

Dynamic factor in a changing industry

We find ourselves in a dynamic line of business. From an HSE perspective the view on key safety processes has changed from a tool to organize complex processes, via a means to comply to laws and governmental rules into an opportunity to deliver a solid contribution to sustainability and operational ambitions. Our challenge is to keep up with these dynamics, enabling the industry to continuously work towards our mutual goal.