Collaboration DSM & iB&X in standardizing permit to work process worldwide

By the end of 2018 DSM decided to standardize their permit to work process on a global scale. DSM wants to have the permit to work process contribute to lean and operational excellence and to facilitate continuous improvement. Jos Tijhuis, Corporate Lead SHE at DSM: “Standardization enables us to raise the safety level during high-risk activities, harmonize the permit to work process, increase efficiency, and simplify its management.

Align with the DSM standard

All manufacturing as well as premix sites will implement, which will involve thousands of individual users. During the roll out iB&X experts join the different sites to thoroughly review the current permit to work process, prepare them for the standard and implement the new process and the supporting software Unite. Tijhuis explains: “Existing bottlenecks are addressed and resolved, and the procedure on each site will be aligned with the overall DSM permit to work standard. That makes this so much more than implementing just a tool. Involving people on site who work with the permit to work procedure on a daily basis adds a lot of value. Leading indicators being embedded in the process and the software enable us to continuously improve the process and contribute to our goal of zero accidents.”

Scalable and worldwide

The Unite Permit to Work software covers the complete permitting process, ensuring better preparation and rigorous checks upfront. The tool assists the sites in assessing the hazards, defining clear mitigation actions, and ensuring the right signatures are on the list. It is also well aligned with the maintenance planning process of the various sites.” Tijhuis: “Better preparation gives our people more time to consider what measures they need to implement before they start issuing the permits.”

The fact that the solution and implementation are just as successful in small sites as in big sites is a testament to the flexibility of the standard approach. So all in all a win-win that has proven itself in more than a dozen DSM implementations worldwide already and with many more to come.

A fast & effective roll out

DSM is a good example of how combining standardization with operational excellence and a fast & effective rollout results in bringing a process to higher safety level worldwide, says Barbro Stalbrink, Director of iB&X HSE. “By measuring on various leading KPI’s, it is now possible for them to compare results between plants and BU’s promptly and to implement improvements immediately. Ideas can be shared between colleagues around the globe and the overall quality of the process rises accordingly.”

“Standardization enables us to raise the safety level during high-risk activities, harmonize the permit to work process, increase efficiency, and simplify its management."

DSM has consistently been recognized for integrating sustainability into its business. On the Dow Jones Sustainability Index DSM has been named among the global leaders in each of the last 13 years and holding the number one position in the Materials Industry Group seven times. iB&X has been working with DSM on supporting the Life Saving Rules and improving safety results for more than 10 years now.

Als watch this video where Jaap de Bruin talks about our 10 year partnership.

Do you intend to improve your safety and operational results by standardizing key HSE processes?