Measuring to improve

When key HSE processes are approached according to lean principles, they contribute to operational results. Our customers experience them to be a source for continuous and measurable improvement in both safety and efficiency. Measuring and remeasuring on a regular basis is part of the process. When an improvement project is initiated, it is key to set a baseline. The initial measurement provides information on the situation in a plant at the start. Comparing this data with regular intervals enables plants, business units and corporates to get a clear picture on where room for improvement can be found. Ideas and expertise can be shared so the whole organization comes to act on a higher safety level.

Implementation: key in creating change

A significant factor in these results is the way analytics are integrated in the implementation. Each project starts off with a guided measurement. This baseline measurement provides focus points for project success and guidance for future improvements. A process for remeasuring and follow up is embedded during the implementation to ensure every stakeholder in the process, from management to shop floor, keeps evaluating on a regular basis and the organization is facilitated to continuously improve. 


The analytics tools in Unite ensure that those involved in HSE improvement and operational results are supported in their measuring progress. It keeps the status of the process clear at all times. Based on the data provided, improvement projects can be initiated at every level. 

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