Incident Management: insight in the actual impact and potential consequences

A clear and smooth-running Incident Management process is crucial, if future incidents are to be avoided. With a transparent, user-friendly incident management process there is a lowerrisk of incidents recurring, staff feels stimulated to report incidents and incidents provide lessons for the future. 

Incident management best practice: clarity in communication

The incident management best practice creates clarity and uniformity in the communication, and ensures you do not have to reinvent the wheel. It gives you a benchmark that allows you to quickly and effectively improve your incident management process. Roles, responsibilities and communication lines are clearly defined. To a wide variety of plants this process ensures that each of those involved always takes the appropriate steps in the process and that all aspects (including the safety aspects) of the changes are adequately assessed. It will improve the process, leading to measurable results in both safety and efficiency. 

Implementation: key in creating change

A significant factor in these results is the way the best practice process is implemented. Each project starts off with a KPI measurement which is the baseline for project success and future improvements. With our proven method we create renewed energy for safety. Everyone in the process, from management to shop floor, takes responsibility and the organization is facilitated to continuously improve. 

Results in 8 weeks

Unite Incident Management

Unite Incident Management provides a clear insight in the actual impact and potential consequences of incidents and near misses. It gives valuable input in determining where the focus for improvement should lie.  

This complete solution for the recording, follow up and analysis of (near)incidents, observations and inspections facilitates workers to easily report these and track their status. This will result in more and better material for analysis.

The workflow ensures all involved are informed about follow up tasks and the required timeframes.

With the analysis capabilities of Unite Incident Management organizations easily identify those occurrences that have the largest potential impact in terms of personal, environmental and financial damage. This is valuable input in deciding how available time and resources can best be deployed to efficiently reduce the potential risks.

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