LoToTo: continuously improving your safeguarding quality

Working with the Lockout Tagout Tryout best practice creates clarity and uniformity in roles and responsibilities. It means that the four eyes principle is always applied and ensures you do not have to reinvent the wheel. Plants working with the best practice experience high quality and uniform safeguardings, better communication, fewer LTIs, and improved deployment of the facility. It gives you a benchmark that allows you to quickly and effectively improve your LoToTo process. Roles, responsibilities and communication lines are clearly defined. To a wide variety of plants it has brought improved performance and trust, between teams, their managers and the rest of the organization, leading to measurable results in both safety and efficiency. 

Implementation: key in creating change

A significant factor in these results is the way the best practice LoToTo procedure is implemented. Each LoToTo project starts off with a KPI measurement which is the baseline for project success and future improvements. With our proven method we revive the enthusiasm for safety. Every stakeholder in the process, from management to shop floor, takes responsibility and the organization is facilitated to continuously improvement. 

Results in 8 weeks

Unite LoToTo software

Unite LoToTo ensures that those involved in the safeguarding process carry out all the necessary steps. It keeps the status of the process clear at all times: which equipment parts have been safeguarded, which energy sources have been shut down, what has been checked by production, which safeguards have been reversed, etc.

It is clear to everyone which safeguards are used for various types of maintenance work, and whether a plant component is ready to be de-isolated once a job has been completed.

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