Customer Case: Centrient (DSM Sinochem)

Working with the best practice for LoToTo and Unite software brought Centrient tangible results. Learn what has been achieved in terms of quality, efficiency and efficiency.

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Lockout Tagout Tryout (LoToTo)

Working with iB&X’s best practice for Lockout Tagout Tryout allows you to quickly and effectively improve your LoToTo process. This best practice creates clarity and uniformity in process steps, roles, responsibilities and communication lines. It ensures that the four eyes principle is always applied and prevents your team from having to reinvent the wheel.


The implementation of the LoToTo best practice, combined with the supporting Unite software has proven to bring more trust, between teams, their managers and the rest of the organization, Sites working with the best practice experience high quality and uniform safeguardings, better communication, fewer LTIs, and improved deployment of the facility.


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