Production Communication: fully up to date on the status of your plant

Production teams are not continuously present in the facility. Still they are expected to be fully informed of its status, changed situations and work in progress. Production team leaders, management and process technicians are also dependent on shift handover information.

Working with the Production Communication (shift handover) best practice creates clarity and uniformity in the communication between shifts and other disciplines, and ensures you do not have to reinvent the wheel. It gives you a benchmark that allows you to quickly and effectively improve your shift handover process. Roles, responsibilities and communication lines are clearly defined.

To a wide variety of plants it has brought improved performance and trust, between teams, their managers and the rest of the organization, leading to measurable results in both safety and efficiency.

Implementation: key in creating change

A significant factor in these results is the way the best practice process is implemented. Each Production Communication project starts off with a KPI measurement which is the baseline for project success and future improvements. With our proven method we revive the enthusiasm for safety. Every stakeholder in the process, from management to shop floor, takes responsibility and the organization is facilitated to continuously improvement. 

Results in 8 weeks

Unite Production Communication software

Unite improves the communication and cooperation between operators, shifts and other disciplines. The shift handover, morning meetings, analysis and other activities are effectively supported by clear overviews of events, tasks, instructions and the actual state of the facility and process. 

Information only has to be recorded once and can then be easily consolidated and filtered to meet the demands of other operators, shift leaders, production staff, maintenance, technology, HSE and others. A single source, accessible from every computer, replaces the old mix of Word and Excel files, lists and emails. People at every level in the organization can easily access the information relevant to them or perform thorough analyses based on full history.

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Measurably safer and more efficient?

Let us help you gain insight on how our Production Communication solution facilitates you in achieving your HSE and production goals.