About key HSE processes
  • Permit to Work
  • Lockout Tagout
  • Production Communication
  • Management of Change
  • Incident Management

iB&X’s result based methodology

With an iB&X’s implementation of one or more key HSE processes we guarantee to deliver a measurable and substantial contribution to your safety and operational ambitions. Within only 8 weeks sites are live with an updated process and new supporting software. After that, smart KPIs will encourage them to keep analyzing the process and improving on detailed steps in order to work towards a safer and more efficient workplace. Let’s have a look at the elements of our implementation method.


Industry best practice processes

In close collaboration with the industry we have developed best practices for key HSE processes. By continuously reviewing and finetuning these best practices via input from our customers and experiences in the fields, we keep them contributing to our mutual goal of zero incidents.


8 week implementation with focus on results

No ever lasting project is needed to improve your key HSE processes. In fact, it is our experience that the more concise the project is, the better the results are. Within a time frame of only 8 weeks we go from start-of-project to Go live. In this timeframe our lean implementation methodology leads to an engaged team, embedded process, clear roles & rights, and focus on results, from all involved. We empower plant teams to reach higher levels of compliance and continuously improve in both quality and efficiency.


Unite integrated HSE software platform

EHS processes are connected. Connected with each other and to other operational processes. Unite is a flexible, easy to use HSE platform that supports many processes and connections. This HSE software platform is tailored to organizations with a need for high HSE performance at an affordable price.  All elements of Unite are designed to bring situational awareness to people in plants: at any time they need to know what is going on and what they need to do. People that are situational aware are less prone to make mistakes or forget things, leading to reduced risk of human error. And on top of that, situational awareness is a most effective driver for waste reduction.


Measurements & KPIs

The goal of implementing safety solutions is to create results in both safety performance and operational efficiency. A balanced set of measurements during implementation and smart KPIs in the Unite software easily give insight in areas for improvement. These allow plants the keep growing on their journey towards operational excellence. Realtime insight in performance supports your organization in raising results in both quality and efficiency  Рon corporate, BU and site level.

Customer cases

In our projects we focus on creating measurable and continuous improvement. Learn how our customers experience implementation and what results they have achieved.


It will be our pleasure to explain and show you how our solutions inspire your people and enable your organization to operate at a measurably higher safety level within only 8 weeks.

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