Software designed for HSE

Key HSE processes heavily rely on human interaction: they are dynamic and depend on context, human assessment and insight.

The Unite HSE software suite supports people in informed decision making and ensures that this is done in a uniform way. Our customers experience clear and efficient communication between plants, teams and departments. People will take informed decisions in terms of safety and efficiency. 

Interrelated data can be used from variable ends. The overview and insight Unite provides, facilitate continuous improvement on every level.

HSE processes that are supported in Unite are:

Unite has been developed in close collaboration with people from the chemical, pharma, oil & gas and re-energy industries.

Supporting you in creating results

  • An integrated suite for the key HSE processes
  • KPI reporting that makes results visible at a glance and provides input for improvement
  • An effective close-the-loop approach, eliminating loose ends
  • Clear business rules: safety rules and procedural steps become enforceable
  • A single action list for Incidents, Management of Change and Lockout/Tagout
  • Overview with all information a worker needs to do his job
  • Easy retrievable data that can be used for analyses and improvement
  • Single entry of data avoiding mistakes and improving efficiency
  • Easily accessible by all involved from any location or device
  • Individuals, teams and departments work more efficiently and improve HSE performance 
  • Each module has the same look & feel, so someone who is used to working with one module will quickly get used to the others.
  • Unite’s modular design and functional features facilitate modular implementation.
  • Based on input from the industry, new versions are released at regular intervals.
  • Users from different organizations actively exchange experiences with Unite, and discuss possible improvements.

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