Unite platform

Unite is your enabler for operational safety excellence. The platform is designed to bring situational awareness to people in plants: at any time they need to know what is going on and what they need to do. It reduces the risk of human error and is a most effective driver for quality improvements and waste reduction.

Job Safety

Permit to Work & LoToTo solutions to optimally equip staff in safeguarding & executing work according to the best practice work process, enabling everyone to work efficiently, at a high safety level.

Managing Plants & Shifts

Solutions for smooth communication & cooperation between operators, shifts and other disciplines. Clear & realtime overview leads to high quality decision making.

Audit Optimizer

Supporting audit teams in efficiently organizing, executing checking, scoring, analyzing and reporting on EHS related topics.

Contractor Communicator

Unite Contractor Communicator smoothens communication between your permitting department and contractors. They can directly connect on type of work, requirements and planning.


It enables the contractor coordinator to quickly connect when changes occur along the process.


Change Management

Solutions to smoothly guide value adding changes through the validation process, taking varieties in risk level into account.

Managing Incidents

Solutions for logging, analyzing, tracking and reporting of safety discrepancies, with the goal of avoiding these from happening again.

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