At iB&X all our focus is directed towards improvements & results in HSE performance. With this focus we set up ourĀ  HSE software platform Unite, our measurement tools and smart KPIs. But we also know from our experience in many worldwide projects, that results can only by created when people are inspired and engaged and when they are supported by their leadership. So that is our aim during our implementations. Our methods are all about getting people enthusiastic, have them take ownership and inspire them to go for a successful implementation. And we give them the tools and knowledge to continue with improving and go for long term results.

Measurements & KPIs

The goal of implementing safety solutions is to create results in both safety performance and operational efficiency. Smart measurements and leading KPIs provide input for continuous improvement.


Listen to our customers while they explain how their partnership with iB&X has resultedĀ  in tangible results.


Together with our safety ambitious customers, iB&X has proven that lean manufacturing and HSE optimization go hand in hand: Have a look at who’s working with us.

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