Together with our safety ambitious customers, iB&X has proven that lean manufacturing and HSE optimization go hand in hand: improved HSE performance will streamline operations, save lives and minimize environmental damage. Our mutual focus lies on creating continuous, measurable improvements.


iB&X is closely collaborating with the chemical industry in measurably moving towards zero incidents and at the same time meeting with ever changing production challenges.


The increasing attention for people’s safety¬† in production, in the field as well as in plants has brought food producers to iB&X as a partner to measurably improve process quality & compliance.

Bio & Pharma

Their bright looking future does not keep bio & pharma organizations from working with us on reducing costs in key HSE processes, and continuously improving process safety.

Complex facility management

High technology facilities require a lot of focus on operational processes. Whether human lives are at stake or production under extreme conditions is required, no mistakes are allowed.

Reenergy, Recycling & Waste

In this specific market, with its changing regulations, production methods and internal processes, organizations partner with us to seize opportunities to continuously reduce cost and minimize risk.

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