Challenges in Lockout Tagout Tryout

For safe operations in a plant safeguarding needs to be carried out the right way and LoToTo information should be up to date and 100% accurate. Not only does the safety of maintenance workers and contractors greatly depend on the quality of safeguards, shifts must also continuously stay informed of their status to keep operational effectiveness at a high level. Your people experience inefficiency, unclarity about the process and responsibilities, but they feel resistance towards changing their way of working.

Transforming a longtime used LoToTo process is not an easy job. But you need teams to be quickly and thoroughly informed about the status of the plant as soon as they start their shift. They have to be certain permits can be issued or equipment can be restarted in time and under safe conditions. Besides you also want the highest quality of LoToTo, regardless of who has created the list. Uniformity and smart reuse of LoToTo lists is key when you want to continuously improve this process.

How can the LoToTo process help you to continuously improve in both safety and efficiency?

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