Challenges in Management of Change

A clear and smooth-running MoC process is crucial, if incidents and unwanted changes are to be avoided. Plants aim to implement changes as safely and efficiently as possible. In practice, however, the MoC process can be complex, intangible, time consuming and difficult to manage. Although people experience inefficiency, unclarity about the process and responsibilities, they feel resistance when it comes to a new way of working. Transforming a longtime used MoC process is not an easy job.

You are looking for ways to reduce the administrative burden, keep documentation as-built in an efficient way and implement changes more rapidly. And with that you want to keep both the requester and production staff informed of changes, to prevent improper operation or maintenance of equipment.

People need clarity on whether the MoC process should be applied. And if so,that changes do not all need to be approached in the same way, despite various complexity or risk levels, leading to unnecessary paperwork.

How can the MoC process support you in creating results in both safety and efficiency?

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