Challenges in Production Communication

Production teams are not continuously present in the facility. Still they are expected to be fully informed of its status, changed situations and work in progress. Production team leaders, management and process technicians are also dependent on production information, but find it is often lagging behind and complicated to retrieve. Although people experience inefficiency, unclarity about the process and responsibilities, they feel resistance when it comes to a new way of working. Transforming a longtime used shift handover process is not an easy job.

In the meantime you are looking for ways to create a uniform, effective and efficient handover between teams, while avoiding labor intensive administrative work. Gathering information for the morning meeting should not take up as much time as it does now.

It would be a great improvement if past solutions are retrieved easily, keeping people from having to reinvent the wheel. And other departments need to be informed correctly and in time as well.

How can the Production Communication process help you to continuously improve in both safety and efficiency?

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